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About RSBC:

Jesse Prall

Chief Brewing Officer, Co-founder, Crazed Cyclist

Like many brewers who apprentice to get their start, Jesse found his early days were not short on hours of cleaning and stacking kegs. After paying his dues he was soon hired on as brewer and eventually worked his way into Head Brewer position at Appalachian Brewing Company in his hometown of Harrisburg, PA. In his time there, Jesse formulated many of the award winning recipes that are still being enjoyed on tap there today.

After nabbing numerous medals in both regional and national level competitions (such as the GABF and World Beer Cup) Jesse felt it was time to explore other brewing styles. In no time he was practicing the art of extreme brewing at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. In his 10+ years at DFH, he learned “niche-brewing” as he worked his way through many positions within the company like Cellar Supervisor, Brewing Supervisor and Research & Development Brewer. In addition to helping formulate and brew some of the nation’s finest/unique and award winning brews Jesse found new ways to explore how the world engages the craft brewing art. Never one to turn down adventure Jesse is now exploring his own dream with a few friends. Welcome to Rubber Soul Brewing Company.


Please enjoy your sOul responsibly.