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We are pumping air back into the tires of Rubber Soul Brewing Company. New location, new owners, new (and familiar) beer...same old sOul!  

In this world of instant gratification, superficial "likes" and followers instead of friends, we think it's more important than ever to find your sOul.

See, more and more often, people are so focused on doing what's 'right' by someone else's standards, obsessed with how others view them that they forget who they are. They give and give and give, follow all of the rules and do all of the 'right' things, until one day they wake up and realize their empty. Spend 5 minutes on social media and you will see countless bright pictures of smiling faces but how many of us are genuinely satisfied? We're talking deep, within your sOul, fire blazing, satisfied.

At Rubber Soul, our mission is to refuel each and every sOul that walks through our doors.

Our craft beer and local vibe is the end result of people who decided to just go for it and follow their passion, regardless of the opinions of others.

We look forward to welcoming you to our brewery. 

No Judgement.

No Impossible Standards.


All that we require is that you do a little sOul searching. 


tattered sOul

Mid-west session IPA, 5% ABV 

We teamed up with our rad friends at Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works to bring you a full flavored, crushable collab, "tattered sOul". Using a base of American 2-row, pilsner and a bit of caramel pils, we hopped this beer in the kettle with Cascade, citra, and amarillo in style with a traditional or west coast IPA. We then hit it in the whirlpool with a matching hop addition, much like a typical NEIPA hop schedule. Later, we dry hopped with a generous Citra dosing and followed up with a very cold amarillo and Cascade drop.


A fantastic representation of Rubber Soul's roots with a Tattered Flag twist! 


$16/4 pack available at Tattered Flag's Middletown location!  

h   pportunities

We are searching for people with heart and sOul. Individuals who love craft beer and embody our small town vibe. Sound like you? Apply below!


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